I believe what makes Auer special is the staff and level of commitment and dedication they provide on all aspects of purchasing a boat. Key West Boats should be extremely grateful to have this dealer showcasing their current line up. After purchasing my 2nd boat from them, I can honestly say there is nothing to improve on, as I received pure perfection from each and every employee there. Thank you, especially Pat and Bernie.
Buying a boat from Auer is more than a purchase, its an nostalgic experience like being a kid getting their first bike. Every employee welcomes you while being open minded to those with less knowledge. Pat and Nick answered each of my concerns with a zero BS approach and ultimately contributed to putting me in a solid boat that should last for a lifetime. Each of them took the time to explain several aspects of the boating world to ensure I am able to harvest the absolute most from owning a boat. Thank you Auer.